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It is our pleasure to be able to listen to you and provide every possible solution in the field of elevators.
KARATZETZOS elevator technical office is one of the fastest growing offices in Greece providing new competitive products and services

24 hours / 365 days a year Technical Support Center
Always by your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to responsibly provide our services to our customers, that honor us by choosing our company all these years.

Our services

Facial lifts of all types

Smooth and quiet movement of the elevator, a wide range of options in designs and materials of the chamber.

Lifts for People with Special Needs / Elderly.

The installation of high-tech systems for people with disabilities and the elderly, are being adapted to each space and case , fullfills all the specifications for their easy and safe movement.

Lifts / Load elevators / ESCALATORS AND AUTOWALKS

Cargo elevators is the best solution for employees in businesses such as supermarkets, shopping malls, industries, hotels, etc .ensuring the faster service.
Ability to build load lifts of all types from 50 kg to 10000 kg.

Car Parking Systems

With car parking systems, a building makes a profit in terms of space when a ramp construction is not required. We install all parking / elevator-car systems

Escalators and moving walks

In crowded buildings such as department stores, shopping malls, hotels, etc. , escalators and moving walks are the ideal solution for the simultaneous service of many people .

Study - design

Our company undertakes the study, design, construction and installation of all our products, adapted to your own requirements and needs and always checked by certification providers to ensure their proper operation.

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No project is BIG or small for us

All the projects we undertake, from the smallest to the largest, are given the maximum attention to the quality of the finished product

INSTALLATION: Our company specializes in the installation of elevators. After visiting and studying your space, always taking into account your own observations and wishes, we proceed to order the materials from the largest and most reliable companies we cooperate , ensuring the excellent quality of our products for the longer life of the elevator.
While installing the elevator, from our properly trained staff, our target and main concern is to take all the necessary measures for your safety, emphasizing the detail. As soon as it is completed , the construction of the elevator is checked by a certification body to make the entry .

Repair: Coverage of any possible damage that occurs, with a response time of two (2) hours on average or less. Replacement of spare parts (if required) from recognized factories with certification and guarantee of good operation.

Reconstructions: Replacement of old elevators with modern ones at the best prices with materials from the biggest houses in the world and a multi-year warranty. Work completion time is very short and the elevator stops only for a few hours every day resulting in minimal discomfort.

Maintenance: The monthly maintenance of the elevator will is the one that it will determine the longevity and smooth operation of the elevator safely and without damage. The company maintains the best and highest quality maintenance because it provides at least 30% more maintenance service than most of the competition.

Years of experience

days of service

We have been installing elevators for more than 22 years

The company was founded in 2005 after many years of experience in the installation and study of the elevator and after dozens of elevators of all types were installed.

The aim set from the beginning of the establishment is to provide new services in the field of elevator with the ultimate goal of establishing the company as a model for competition.

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